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NEW & REVISED Prepared to Build – The Book

Now available in paperback and as an eBook in PDF format, Preparing to Build is a practical guide to becoming prepared for a church building program.   From concept to completion, your church will not undertake a more demanding or complicated task in terms of money, risk, and effort than it will in a building [...]

Benefits of a Needs & Feasibility Study

Excerpted from Understanding the Needs and Feasibility Process Slide Presentation: The benefits of a Needs and Feasibility Study for any church contemplating a building program are multi-faceted.  Here are some of the benefits as noted in the church needs and feasibility presentation on our website. Higher Level of Satisfaction: Quoting from the 2005 Rainer Group [...]

8 Foundational Truths of Church Capital Campaigns

Executing a church capital campaign is part science and part art. Some of the techniques that worked well in times past are not as effective today. There have been, and will continue to be, refinements and adaptation in the process of capital fundraising. Part of the art of the campaign is adapting those processes (the science) to a church’s culture, circumstances, needs, and time line.

Building & Planning

In 1 Chronicles 17:1-4 we read of David's overwhelming desire to build a temple to the Lord, and as in many other things, David was passionate about building a permanent structure for worship.  However, this story has much to say about entering into a planning and building project.  It answers, who is to build, where to build, why to build and the many questions to be asked in the process.

Read the scriptural account

Questions before you begin:

1.  Do you absolutely need the building?

2.  Do you need the building right now?

3.  Have you sought advice from others?

4.  Is it your job to build?

5.  Is your plan, God's plan?

Lessons to glean:

1. Passion is no single reason to build

2. There must be a clear call from God to proceed

3. Readiness and Timing are critical 

Research about Planning Church Facilities

Sacred Space LifeWay Architecture
  • A view of unchurched adults and
    their expectations of churhes and
    its facilities
  • Rules of Thumb for Space Planning

Design & Build Firms for Church Construction