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The Facilities “Game” Never Ends

I’m a little late with this post this morning due to spending some time walking around our campus making a list of “to-dos” for the 10-15 volunteers who will show up tonight to help with our facilities effort. It’s a daunting task. You know, taking care of a facility (buildings and land), especially with no […]

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Faith And Church Building Programs

It first occurred to me in the first view years of our church when we were in the beginning stages of raising the funds for land and a new building. In order to buy land and build a building, the church has to run a capital campaign to raise the funds. And, in order to […]

Capital Campaigns

If you were to ask pastors and church leaders their opinions about capital campaigns, many of them would be skeptical; some because of the process and cost, others by negative experiences.  The reality is that a well-planned approach is the key to the campaign.  Capital campaigns out of the box are efficient, and rigorous, often ignoring the church’s culture, ministry opportunities, its needs and its relational components.

Successful capital campaigns focus on the growth of the church and growing in faith and not just the bank account.  Our experience has been that campaigns are more about identifying leaders, identifying real needs, becoming more relational and leading the members into a deeper obedience to biblical principles.

There are several campaign companies which the Loan Fund has relationships with that we would recommend, which are listed at the bottom of this page, or you could choose to work with a Loan Fund consultant. The Loan Fund is equipped with consultants and personnel to assist churches with capital campaigns. 

Capital Campaign Companies