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Esther Nix

Office Administrator

Phone (Work):    405.792.7161

Phone (Other):   800.407.8959

Phone (Fax):      405.526.5011

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to missionary parents Elvio & Emma Canavesio.  Graduated from Southwestern Christian University in 1979.  Married Daniel Nix in 1979 and  has two children Bryan Nix and Seth Nix,  both involved in IPHC World Missions Department. Worked 2 years at Southwestern Christian University in the business department and in the banking business for 12 years.  In 1995 she came to work at the IPHC in the accounting department In 1997, was promoted to the World Missions Department as the assistant financial  secretary.  Since 2006 Esther has been the Office Administrator for the Extension Loan Fund.

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