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A Lending Partner

When your church mission is critical it is important to have partners who understand your ministry and share the same mission. Partners that can shake your hand, look you in the eye and bow their head and pray for kingdom success. 


The Extension Loan Fund shares your mission by stating in it’s corporate bylaws that it exists, “to establish and maintain a revolving loan fund and acquire assets to assist, by loans, grants, or otherwise, THE INTERNATIONAL PENTECOSTAL HOLINESS CHURCH, INC.,”  therefore making your church mission and the Loan Fund mission like minded.

Application for churches or ministries who are applying for a new loan or a refinance loan.  If re-financing, please also complete the re-finance request form.

Complete this form if requesting a Re-Finance of an existing Extension Loan Fund loan.  In addition to this form, you will also need to complete a loan application.

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Not sure where to begin?  You might not be quite ready to submit a full application, but want to know what your church might qualify for.  Complete this Quick Loan Inquiry form and we will run some numbers and then follow up with you.

Loan approval is essentially a four step process.

The first two steps in the process are the gathering of documents and an assessment of the project.  The last two steps is the internal review of the board and the preparation of closing documents to be recorded.  The majority of the first two steps are the responsibility of the local church, while the last two steps of the process are the responsibility of the Loan Fund.

To begin the process for your church you may download an application,  submit a quick loan inquiry form online or call our Director of Lending Services to tell us about your project. If you are ready to apply for a loan and get a good start to your project, submit the following documents for review and our Director of Lending Services will contact you.

  • Application fee of 1% of the loan amount. Loan applications will not be considered by the Loan Fund Board until the fee is received. (Fee will be refunded if application is not approved.)

  • Authorization – An acknowledgement from the board of directors, governing body, or trustee(s) authorizing the borrower to enter into a loan with the Fund. This may include but is not limited to a notice, application, minutes, letter, resolution, or statement regarding the amount to borrow and those authorized to sign.

  • Church Financial Reports (standarized forms are available in the application or we can accept a Balance Sheet and Income/Expense Reports. 

  • Conference acknowledgement ‐ Acknowledgement from the IPHC Conference where the church or institution maintains its IPHC membership. 

  • Valuation ‐ A valuation of the property may include, but are not limited to, certified appraisal, brokers opinion, tax assessment, comparables, and commercial evaluation reports.

  • For new construction, a bona fide contract or realistic estimate of cost of new construction by a licensed contractor.

  • For new construction, a copy of building plans / blue prints and specifications.

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