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Our Services

Since 1958, the services of the Extension Loan Fund has provided quality investment opportunities for investors and assisted churches with financing options as they grow, plant other churches, and expand their ministries.

Investment Options

The Loan Fund has helped countless families and investors since 1958 with investment products that accomplish their goals of saving and generosity, while confidently knowing the investment was socially and morally responsible. 

At the Loan Fund, we believe our investments are among the best of social investing opportunities as invested funds provide funding for churches to expand the Kingdom of God and we believe scripture has much to say about investing and saving.  


The Extension Loan Fund has specialized in church lending since 1958 and recognizes that the most important aspect of lending to religious organizations is a spiritual matter rather than a financial one.

We understand the day to day operations of a church because most of our employees are licensed and ordained ministers and have been or are currently serving in substantial roles in their own churches. Many of our clients say it’s a great blessing to work with Loan Fund officers who are involved in and also understand the challenges and opportunities of growing a church ministry.

It is easy for a church and pastoral leadership to get tunnell vision and focus on the wrong things at the wrong times; this is especially true when the church seems to be growing.  That's because growth requires some changes and those changes can often overcome the foundational truth that relationships and ministry connections are essential.


A Grace&Faith Campaign focuses on and emphasizes two foundational truths; (1.) Grow in grace towards others and (2.) grow in our faith toward the Lord Jesus.  As a church embraces these two truths, they will become more obedient to Christ and more evangelistic toward others.

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