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Billy Woods receives gift for recovery ministry.

Pastor Billy Woods is the pastor of Hope Christian Center in Bakersfield, CA and their mission is to break poverty mindsets, to remove religious barriers, and to destroy the walls of racism that divide us and keep us bound.

Billy and his wife Debbie also operate a recovery and outreach ministry to men recovering from the devastating effects of addictions and homelessness.

As a part of their ministry they employ men to work in construction and gain skills as part of their recovery. Early this fall, much of their construction tools were stolen and never recovered; which was a devastating blow to the ministry. Upon hearing the news, the Extension Loan Fund made arrangements with the Bishop Tom Murray of the Golden West Conference to present a grant to their ministry.

On December 1st, during the Annual Conference held in Torrance, CA, Rev. Stephen Hanscom, Vice-President of Lending Services presented a check for $5,000.00 to Rev. Billy Woods to help replace the items that were stolen.

You too can partner with Hope Christian Center by making a tax-deductible gift to Hope Christian Center PO Box 70832 Bakersfield, CA 93387.

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