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60th Anniversary Celebration Gift

25 oz. Fold Flat Water Bottle with carabiner

Beginning in April 2018, the Extension Loan Fund will give away these 25 ounce Fold Flat Water Bottles at each of the IPHC Quadrennial Conferences held across the country.

Make sure you attend your local IPHC Conference this Spring and Summer and look for the Extension Loan Fund exhibit booth. We will have investment, loan and capital campaign information available for you, as well as this giveaway and many others.

Below is a list of Conferences we hope to attend and the conference dates.

Conference Dates Mississippi April 6-7 Northwest Latin April 13-14 River of Life April 27-28 Heartland April 28 New Horizons April 28 Pacific Western May 18-19 South Carolina May 19 Spirit Life Min May 19 Redemption Jun 1-2 Rocky Mountain June 8-9 Cornerstone June 9 Appalachian June 15 Sonshine June 20-22 Texas Latin June 27-29 Alpha June 30 Ephesians 4 July 11-14 Grace Bible July 13-14 Tennessee August 3 West Coast Hisp August 10-12 Red de Min August 23-25 Great Plains September 7-8 Mid-Atlantic September 8 LifePoint September 15 Golden West October 5-6

See you soon!

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