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Extension Loan Fund Call for Videos

Call for Video Submissions

We are producing a short video for the IPHC Extension Loan Fund, and we want to include your story! We are looking for a diverse sampling of your voices to tell us HOW THE FUND HAS HELPED YOU or YOUR CHURCH. Just follow the filming instructions and submit your video files before the deadline of Monday, October 8th. Once we view the submissions, we will select several entries to do an onsite filming of your church or ministry.

How To Film Your Video


We would like you to film on a smartphone! Please, no selfies, have someone help you. Please keep the filming distance to about 3 or 4 feet.


Make sure there are no windows behind the Interviewee, or else the footage will have white, blown-out backgrounds. Ideally they would have some light source on their face, be it from a window or desk lamp.


The best tip for having good audio is, avoid any sort of distracting background noise. Try to record in a relatively quiet place - but avoid the echo of an enclosed room as well.


The Cameraperson should hold the phone in landscape mode, so not like a cell phone, like a TV. The camera should be eye level with the person talking. The Cameraperson should use both hands to grip the iPhone, and keep their elbows close to their body to keep the shot as steady as possible. When ready to shoot, the Cameraperson should tap the Interviewees face on the iPhone screen to focus and lock exposure.

Like This!


Please give us a few different takes and review the footage between them to make sure it looks good. Allow 3 full seconds of silence at the beginning of each video and 3 full seconds following.

What we want to hear In Your Video

Please answer all the following questions. If English is not you first language, you are welcome to submit in the language of your choice. Please record each section below separately, it will help for editing and uploading.

Be sure to state your name, church you attend, (if you are on staff, state your position) and city you live in. i.e. “Hi I’m Johnny Upton, I attend Northwest Christian Center in Oklahoma City and serve as the associate pastor.”

  • 1. What is your church or ministry doing now that is impacting your community?

  • 2. How did the Loan Fund help you achieve your ministry goals?

  • 3. What would you say to a friend thinking about working with the Loan Fund?

  • 4. What are some improvements you would like to see in your church?

  • 5. Please read the following sentence "I’ve been (working / investing) with the Loan Fund for _______ years"

  • 6. Please read the following sentence “I’m __(your first name)____ and I’m counting!”

Notes to Keep in Mind
  • Be enthusiastic and positive!

  • Humor is a plus

  • Film in *visually appealing* locations

If you have any other video footage or even still photos from church or ministry events - feel free to upload those as well! Be sure to distinguish these with file names.

i.e. (churchname1, churchname2, or personalname1, personalname2)

How To Upload Your Videos

When finished with your video(s), please upload them here:

Again, it may be easier to upload one video file per statement or questions. Be sure to include your church name or first name in the file name.

Usage Agreement

Please note that while we will include as many voices as we can, not everyone will make it into the final cut of the video. See our quick footage release verbiage below. This is really just saying we have your permission to use your likeness and footage in the video to play at our promotional events and online.

I hereby authorize IPHC Extension Loan Fund to use and edit the submitted video content - my name, likeness, image, voice and participation in and performance on film, tape or otherwise. I agree that the footage may be edited and otherwise altered at the sole discretion of the Producer and used in whole or in part for any and all broadcasting, non-broadcasting, audio/visual, and/or exhibition purposes in any manner or media.

Created By

Johnny Upton


Created with images by Matheus Ferrero - "Men laughing by green valley"

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