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Extension Loan Fund donates $45,000.00 to IPHC COVID-19 Relief Fund

As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread across the US and many other countries, the IPHC has identified several overseas ministries that is seeking relief for their multi-faceted outreach and ministry programs. Recently the Board of Directors of the IPHC Extension Loan Fund wished to extend a hand of generosity in supporting those ministries by designating $45,000.00 to support their efforts in this trying and difficult time.

IPHC Church in Bethlehem, Israel. Serving within a predominantly Islamic context in the midst of quarantine, Pastor Khader Khouri and his church have been granted permission by the Palestinian authorities to move throughout neighborhoods knocking on doors and reaching out to those in need. Due to the great need, Khader has been delivering food, medicine, and the assistance of primary, but otherwise unattainable, supplies.

IPHC work in Israel. Though Israel stands at one of the first countries to be placed on total lockdown during the pandemic with all churches closed, there remains an open door to present the gospel. As desperation and a pressing need for food has grown, the government presented Living Israel special permission to deliver food to Holocaust survivors, the elderly and families with children; totaling roughly 300 persons per month.

In addition, there remains a need to feed up to 140 men and women located at the drug rehabilitation center. It is estimated to cost $12,834 per month for food supply within the drug rehabilitation center and an additional $6,500 per month for food distribution among Holocaust survivors, the elderly and families with children.

India. Funds are needed to assist about 100 families, four home churches, and another individual church with food and necessities and to build water wells in outlying villages as an open door to starting house churches.

To date over $612,785.58 has been raised by the IPHC and sent overseas.

To view a full list of IPHC needs overseas as it relates to COVID 19, please visit the following link.

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