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Our Loan Rates are dropping like flies.

ONLY ONCE in our 63 year history have we offered a published loan rate of 4.99%.

The Extension Loan Fund Board has recognized the stress that churches and ministries have endured for the past 16 months and in a remarkable move have slashed it's loan interest rates in an effort to be a viable source of capital solutions for churches following the pandemic.

Even as the Federal Reserve has lowered it's lending rates to zero, and has stated it will be "Patient" in raising them going forward, the IPHC Extension Loan Fund is optimistic for churches and their ability to be resilient in coming months. The Fund also recognizes that many churches have identified some significant challenges in their facilities during the coronavirus pandemic and therefore, lowered their rates in an effort to assist churches in need. Yet, at the same time we have maintained our investment rates for investors looking to get a respectable rate of return on fixed-rate investments.

To take advantage of both lending and investment rates at the Extension Loan Fund, please inquire how we may serve you at or contact us via the website (

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