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Switch in 2020

2020 could be the perfect

time to re-finance and

switch your church loan to the IPHC Extension Loan Fund.

>> No Credit Check

>> No Personal Guarantees

>> We Pay Closing Costs*

>> No Application Fee of 1%

>> We Can Negotiate

>> No Document Fees.*

* The Fund will pay up to $4,000 in closing costs.

We understand the day to day operations of a church because most of our employees are licensed and ordained ministers and have been or are currently serving in substantial roles in their own churches. Many of our clients say it’s a great blessing to work with Loan Fund staff who are involved in and understand the challenges and opportunities of growing a church.

We are not constrained by the lending guidelines of community or federal banks. This simply means we have significantly more latitude to negotiate the terms of loans and even have the ability to customize loans for each particular congregation.

Your Mission is our Mission. When your church mission is critical it is important to have ministry partners who understand your vision and share the same passion. Our mission is the same as yours, to help churches and ministries grow until all have heard the gospel.

Call or email our VP of Lending Services, Stephen Hanscom, or any of the staff and we will be happy to help.


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