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For a limited time (December 31, 2018) IPHC churches can borrow up to $50,000.00 with no down payment and no closing costs for 4.75%

Equity Loan Terms:

  • Maximum Loan $50,000.00

  • Fixed Rate Loans, 5 year amortization

  • No Down Payment

  • Not applicable to Re‐finance existing ELF loans

  • Limited Time Only – December 31, 2018

  • Not to exceed 85% of original mortgage

  • No Closing Costs and/or No Application Fees

  • ACH reduction does not apply to Equity Loans.

  • Some restrictions or conditions may apply.

For New Loans with ELF

  • Low, adjustable rates, no application or origination fees

  • ELF pays first $2,000.00 of closing costs

  • No early payoff fees and no re-finance fees.

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