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Counting the Cost and Counting On Us

If you love your church, you have likely sacrificed a great deal of time and effort serving your community, helping the needy, teaching biblical principles and planning for your church’s future.  You have laid the foundation, set the vision and counted the cost; now it’s time for you to count on us.   


Marriage Crisis: Pornography’s Destructive Impact

The faith community is facing a genuine crisis in our marriages. The sexualization of our culture and easy access to pornography are having a devastating impact on faithfulness, sexual purity and the strength of marriages. The impact is not only found among our congregations but among our church leaders as well. Marriage is God’s design...
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Pérez Newsletter: March 2017

by Judith and Rubén Pérez Support their ministry here! Concerning the country of México, probably the most frequent news you are receiving through the media is focused on “the wall”! We won’t go there in this newsletter, for obvious reasons. I would, however, like to tell you about some exciting events in the East México...
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The Case for Christ Movie Coming in April

Investigative journalist and former atheist, Lee Strobel, set out to disprove the Bible. Instead, he discovered it was the most reliable ancient document known to man. He wrote “The Case for Christ” to share his personal story and the evidence that swayed him. Now, that story is on its way to the big screen, coming...
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IPHC Remembers Rev. Clifford Sampier 1928-2017

Rev. Clifford M. Sampier, former superintendent of the Colorado (Rocky Mountain) Conference, passed away peacefully on March 16, 2017 in Littleton, Colorado. Rev. Sampier grew up in a Pentecostal Holiness Church in Clayton, New Mexico. He was one of the first students to enroll in Southwestern Bible College and was a member of the first...
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Leadership Cast #39: Dr. Harold Hunter

Dr. Harold Hunter, Director of the IPHC Archives and Research Center, discusses his calling to conserve, protect, and make available the treasures of the IPHC as well as his ministry of reconciliation among the greater Christian community.   CLICK HERE TO LISTEN/DOWNLOAD