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FAQ & Other Questions



For what purpose will my money be used?

Deposits made with ELF help fund loans to IPHC churches and church related organizations for the purpose of renovations and expansion to worship and educational facilities. ELF does not provide personal loans to individuals.

Who can invest in an ELF Certificate?

Certificates are available for purchase only if

  1. prior to receiving an Offering Circular, you were a member of, a contributor to (including an investor), or a participant in the International Pentecostal Holiness Church, ELF or in any program, activity, or organization that is a part of the International Pentecostal Holiness Church or ELF, or
  2. you are an ancestor or descendant of such a person. Institutional Certificates and Building Fund Certificates are available only to IPHC organizations. Certificates are not available in all states.
Does ELF sell its Certificates throughout the United States?

ELF sells its Certificates in many states, but not all. Visit our map page to see if ELF sells Certificates where you live.

What interest rates does ELF pay on its investments?

Interest rates on ELF investments depend on the length and amount of the investment. Review the current ELF investment rates.

Is my investment in an ELF Certificate secure? Is ELF insured by the FDIC?

ELF Certificates are not F.D.I.C. or S.I.P.C. insured, nor are they guaranteed by the IPHC. The potential risks of an ELF investment are outlined in the Offering Circular.

What happens when my Certificate matures?

Certificates may be reinvested or rolled over under the terms and conditions stated in the Offering Circular. Investors are provided with written notification of the maturity at least 30 days prior to the Certificate's maturity date via mail. If the investor does not notify the ELF prior to the maturity date, the Certificate will rollover at the same terms and conditions as the matured Certificate and the renewed Certificate will earn interest at the rate in effect on the date of the rollover.* If an investor elects not to extend or rollover a Certificate, the principal and earned interest will be paid to the Certificate holder immediately.

*In California, investors must inform ELF if they intend to renew their investments. If investors do not renew or redeem the Certificate, the funds, as of the date of maturity the investor's funds will be promptly redeemed.

*In Louisiana, investors must inform ELF if they intend to renew their investments. If renewal is not requested, investor's funds will be promptly redeemed.

What are my penalties for early redemption?

Penalty for early withdrawal on fixed-rate certificates is a surrender of earned interest as stated below: 

6 & 12 month FRC’s surrender of three months earned interest
24, 36, & 60 month FRC’s surrender of six months earned interest

Penalties do not apply to Savings Certificates.

Can I receive interest payments on my investments?

Yes. ELF can send either a check or electronic payment of the interest earned on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis or the interest can be rolled back into the investment.

What do I receive from ELF when I invest?

You will receive an Investment Certificate that states the purchaser’s name, purchase date, interest rate and maturity date. View a sample Certificate.

Can I open an investment in the name of my living trust?

Yes, we can provide investments in the name of trusts or through the IPH Foundation.

Can I have funds electronically transferred to ELF?

Yes, we can arrange to accept funds regularly via ACH. Additionally we can electronically deposit interest due to you instead of writing a check.

Can I transfer funds from a 401k to ELF?

Yes, you can rollover 401k, 403b and other qualified retirement funds into an ELF IRA. The Loan Fund offers IRA’s with Merrill Lynch as the Third Party Administrator.

Is there someone to talk to if I have questions about my investment?

Yes. Just call our toll free number at 1-800-407-8959 and someone will assist you. You may also email us at [email protected]. Visit our Contacts page for a directory of the staff who are ready to serve you.