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Counting the Cost & Counting on us.

If you love your church, you have likely sacrificed a great deal
of time and effort serving your community, helping the needy, teaching biblical principles and planning for your church’s future.  You have laid the foundation, set the vision and counted the cost; now it’s time for you to count on us. 


This is how ELF is helping churches

Each time you invest with the Extension Loan Fund, you join hundreds of other investors who are invested in our mission of planting and building IPHC churches from Florida to Alaska, from Hawaii to Maine, and even in the uttermost parts of the world. 

People around the globe are "counting on us," both figuratively and literally.  Counting on us to offer solid rates of return on their investments and others counting on us to be there when a new church needs to be built or an existing congregation needs to expand.  

We value Christ's Kingdom, and our commitment is to expand His kingdom in every transaction in each and every day. 

Our Services

Since 1958,  the Extension Loan Fund has provided quality investment opportunities for investors and assisted churches with financing options as they grow, plant other churches, and expand their ministries.

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The Loan Fund has helped thousands of families and investors since 1958 by offering investment products that offer a rate of return while supporting a mission aligned with their values of social and moral responsibility as members of their congregation.

At the Extension Loan Fund, we believe our investments are among the best of social investing opportunities, as invested funds are used primarily to fund loans to churches to expand the Kingdom of God, and we believe scripture has much to say about investing.  

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The Extension Loan Fund has specialized in church lending since 1958 and recognizes that the most important aspect of lending to religious organizations is a spiritual matter rather than a financial one.

We understand the day-to-day operations of a church because most of our employees are licensed and ordained ministers and have served previously or are currently serving in substantial roles in their own churches. We have found that having leadership and staff who are involved in and also understand the challenges and opportunities of growing a church ministry gives us a perspective on the issues that our borrowers face that other lenders may not have.


The Extension Loan Fund allows investment through both Traditional and Roth IRAs through an approved custodian. This also includes rollover options from qualified retirement plans such as 401k and 403b and other qualified plans. Contact us for more information, and consult with your tax advisor about any IRA investment.

Investments in IRAs are governed by federal regulations, including limits on annual contributions and required minimum distributions, which may vary based on an individual’s age, income, and other circumstances. Beginning in 2023, the maximum annual contribution is $6,500, or $7,500, for persons over the age of 50.

We are here to serve

Contact us by phone, email, or sending a message online.

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